Can Dogs Eat Grapes? (Are Grapes Good For Dogs?)

Grapes have over the years been a favorite snack for humans, as they are not just nutritious but taste fantastic. This is one fruit that is common in every house; and as such, there’s a tendency that as a dog owner, you sometimes want your pet to have a taste of its sweetness.

One question you want to answer before feeding your pup with this nutritious fruit is can dogs have grapes? It is somewhat unwise to assume that just because a food is okay for humans, it is for dogs too. That said, let us look at how your dog is likely to react to grapes and whether it is safe or not.


Are Grapes Good for Dogs?

One argument between nutritionists is the effect grapes have on dogs. As much as it has been established that grapes are not safe for dogs; some nutritionists believe that this does not apply to every dog.

Some say the level and seriousness of toxicity rely on the gender, age and overall health of the dog. As harmless as grapes may seem, they have the potential to be fatal, thereby causing sudden, life-threatening conditions such as kidney failure.

Regardless of the amount of grapes consumed, they have the potential of causing serious harm for most dogs – as far as death. For this reason, it is not safe to assume that because a dog is healthy in every other respect, it is immune to the effects of grapes.


Why Are Grapes Toxic To Dogs?

It still remains a mystery up till now the exact reason behind the toxicity of grapes. But, many seasoned veterinarians and professionals on animal care have presented their opinions about it. A group of these professionals suggests that it is due to a poisonous substance that occurs during the growth of grapes in the vineyard, and is known as mycotoxin.

Another group of these professionals suggests that it is as a result of a natural plant producing chemical produced, known as salicylate. This chemical is believed to function as a pest repellent, but in high amounts can affect the blood circulation in a dog’s kidney.

All these reasons are seen to be associated with the flesh of the fruit; which implies that no part of the fruit is left out in its toxicity.

Apart from being unclear about the exact toxic agent, it is also unknown the dosage of toxicity grapes can produce. Still, animal care experts suggest that the noxiousness of grapes is somewhat related to the breed of the dog and the number of grapes consumed by the dog.

It is believed that there are dogs that can consume little dosages of grapes and not experience any fatal symptoms, and there are those that upon ingesting the fruit tend to experience unwelcoming reactions.


Symptoms of Grapes Toxicity

can dogs eat grapes

It is sometimes inevitable for your dog to come in contact with grapes, and they do and are unable to handle the effect of the fruit, there is a number of behaviors that may be observed. Below are some of the symptoms of dogs eating grapes.

1. Vomiting

Vomiting is generally seen to be bad. But, it is not all bad, even though it may be uncomfortable during the experience. Your dog tends to vomit as a way to naturally reject the toxins in the grapes and getting as much grape substance out of their body system.

2. Loss Of Appetite

This is one symptom you can easily spot if your dog is the type that loves food. You can tell that something is wrong the moment your dog begins to get less excited about his favorite treat. This tells that they are having certain disturbances in their stomach.

3. Diarrhea

Diarrhea generally is a sign that your dog has consumed or ingested a toxic or unusual substance. The stool of your dog gives you a clue about whether it is reacting to the presence of grapes in its system.

4. Reduced Urination Frequency

The more observing you are of your dog, the better you’ll be able to spot this symptom. Any time you observe a change in how often your dog urinates (as less as that may be), chances are that your dog’s body is going through some tough time inside.

5. Weakness

This especially goes to dogs that are naturally energetic. It is only normal to assume that there’s something wrong when an energetic dog suddenly loses its energy. This is a sign that they are feeling unwell and need attention.


What To Do When Your Dog Eats Grapes?

Despite our best efforts in preventing our dogs from eating grapes, they can accidentally ingest some without knowing. If you find yourself in such a situation, your preparedness will determine how much damage your dog ends up suffering.

To this end, the first step a dog owner should do in the event of any such ingestion or even just a strong suspicion is to get the attention of a veterinarian immediately. This should be treated as an emergency and not casually because the later it is diagnosed, the more damage it does and the harder it is to be treated.

On the side of the vet, first of all, necessary steps are taken to keep the toxins from further circulation and thus doing more damage to the dog. This usually begins with induced vomiting. These help to get rid of the grape particles left in your dog’s system.

Sometimes, depending on the severity of the situation, intravenous fluids are administered to help in detoxification. To help find out how much damage has been done, certain routine laboratory tests are carried out.

In a case where it is very severe, extreme measures such as kidney transplant or hemodialysis may be carried out. In most severe cases, some owners opt for the euthanasia solution to free the dog from such suffering.


How To Avoid Grapes Toxicity?

It is to be noted that some dogs are likely to feel the effects more gravely than others. Also, there are some dogs that may not even experience any visible symptoms after ingesting grapes.

You can never tell how your dog is going to react to the effects of grapes, thus the best move is to completely avoid them. That is no doubt the most obvious solution.

It is always best to avoid this problem rather than having to deal with the stress and suffering – whether for you or your pup. To ensure this, you want to refrain from leaving up grapes at positions in your home where your dogs can have access to.

As much as possible avoid any food product that has grapes as one of its ingredients as well. It might be necessary to inform your guests too as they come to visit, so they don’t try to play around with grapes where your dog is.


Final Words On Can You Feed Dogs Grapes

It is natural to want to give our dogs special treats from time to time; but, it is important that you be responsible enough to ensure that the food you give them is safe. One food that is not safe is grapes. Avoid them at all costs.

Even if no issue was recorded or observed the last time your dog ate grapes, that is not enough to conclude that the next time won’t be fatal.

Has your dog ever taken in grapes, what was the outcome? Have any questions you want to ask? Let us know in the comment section below.

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