Can Dogs Eat Bananas Safely? (Are Bananas Good For Dogs?)

Bananas are no doubt a perfect go-to snack whether for humans or dogs. They taste very sweet and provide a good amount of energy, plus they come in a unique and convenient wrap.

But, can dogs eat bananas? Further down this article is a lowdown on bananas as it has to do with dogs; whether or not it is okay for your dog.


Can Dogs Have Bananas?

The simple answer here is yes, dogs can eat bananas. It is true that there are many foods that humans consume regularly but are not okay to be consumed by dogs; some are just downright harmful.

This is not the case with bananas. In fact, it is recommended that dogs be given a bite of this nutrient-rich fruit occasionally. Unlike a lot of fruits, that have been discovered to contain toxic components, every part of a banana is safe for dogs. In fact, it can confidently say that it is one of the best of human foods or snacks suitable for dogs to consume.

In the same way, bananas are good for humans, they are also good for dogs. This is not to say that there aren’t risks involved with eating the fruit. According to experts, there are considerations on how and when this fruit should be provided to your dog.


Health Benefits of Bananas


One nutrient you can’t miss with banana is Magnesium, and this helps to help the transportation of energy and build protein in the body. It further helps to promote healthy growth of the bone in dogs; this particularly comes handy in dogs that are active.


Another mineral you will find in bananas is the potassium, and this is usually in a relatively high proportion. As an electrolyte that it is, it helps to regulate optimal fluid balance in the body. It also functions in the capacity of aiding blood vessel and muscle development.

Vitamin C

The function of the vitamin in dogs is obvious, as this is a well-known vitamin. As an antioxidant, it gives a boost to the immune system of your dog, thereby preventing the occurrence of sickness as far as cancer, and maintaining a healthy dog coat and skin. It also serves as a protection for cells and helps in building the body’s cartilage.

Vitamin B6

This is another vitamin you find in a banana. This helps the body in producing red blood cells, metabolizing fats and carbs and ensuring the health of the nervous system.

High Fiber Content

This is a very important constituent of banana. The high fiber content helps to prevent and when necessary resolve gastrointestinal problems. This makes a great sense since they have a delicate system. So whenever your dog seems to have diarrhea or problems with bowels, a small amount can be a good addition.


Side Effects of Bananas for Dogs

Can Dogs Eat Bananas

We have seen how banana can be very beneficial for a dog’s consumption. But, it should be noted that care should be taken when feeding your dog this fruit. While they may be low in cholesterol, fat, sodium and then contain antioxidants, they are still in the category of fruits which means that contain a certain amount of sugar.

Sugar we know can lead to health issues like diabetes and obesity. Other than the sugar content, too much banana can result in constipation. This happens to humans as well as dogs. The potassium content in large amounts is not usually well tolerated by the body of dogs.


Precautions To Take When Feeding Your Dogs

When it comes to banana eating for your dogs, a key term to consider is portion size. To start with, it is not advised to give a whole banana to a dog. Just a few slices of banana are okay for dogs.

You don’t want it causing a gastric upset in your dog. At first, you may want to feed your dog just a slice or two to see if it is going to not cause any tummy issues.

Like we have already established that dogs can eat bananas in moderation. As much as possible, treating your dog to banana should not be a diet on its own, but a small part of the diet.

Can Dogs Eat Bananas Peels?

Additionally, avoid giving the peels to your dogs to eat. As much as these peels are non-toxic, they can be a risk to dog health if eaten as they’re very hard to digest, thus blocking up your dog’s system.

Also, when it comes to puppies eating bananas, try to confirm and get approval from your veterinarian because of the high carb content in bananas. Puppies growth and development work with specific nutritional diets, and bananas are likely to fill them up, thus blocking up space for proper food.


How To Feed Your Dog Bananas?

Generally, dogs love the taste of bananas and are likely to snap chunks of it right out of your hand to eat, others need some sort of coaxing. Some ways you can introduce this tasty snack include:

1. Mash the bananas up with your dog’s food and then stir. As much as this may still look like their regular food, the might love the sweet flavor and enjoy the change.

2. Peel them and slice up freshly frozen bananas, and give to your dog. This treat is particularly refreshing on a hot summer day; plus its preparation is super easy.

3. Add to a treat recipe. There are a lot of recipes for banana dog treats and this you can get with a simple online search. But, some of my favorites include mixing with xylitol-free peanut butter or yogurt.

4. Smush them and stuff in a kong, toy or puzzle feeder. This helps to give your dog some form of stimulation – both mental and physical.


What To Do If Your Dog Overeats Bananas?

Whenever you suspect your dog has taken in too many bananas, you should, first of all, seek the advice of a veterinary. Additionally, keep a close eye on your dog for symptoms as mentioned above. If any of the signs or symptoms display get in touch with your veterinarian as soon as possible.


Final Words On Can My Dog Eat Bananas

Without a doubt, we can say that bananas and dogs go hand in hand. They are a healthy alternative to loads of salted and high-fat packaged treats available. From their vitamins and minerals and the healthy fiber dose for your dog’s optimum health.

The only concern here is the high amount of sugar content that is not advised for regular dog consumption. This leaves you, the dog owner, with the responsibility of regulating their consumption of it.

If this is done, your dog should be fine. If you seem to be in any doubt about feeding your dogs with this fruit, you may want to consult your veterinarian for their professional advice.

Have you ever fed your dog bananas? What are your thoughts on feeding dogs with bananas? Kindly share in the comments below!

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