Best Foods for Diabetic Dogs In 2021

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If you are in a hurry and want to find out what the Best Foods for Diabetic Dogs is, then I’d recommend the Ketona Chicken Recipe Dry Food for Adult Dogs as the best one.

Gone are the days when diabetes was a condition limited to humans only. Now animals are becoming a target of this dreadful disease.

As it is with humans, this is a serious threat to your dog’s health. And if left unchecked can hinder your dog’s good health condition.

While there is no cure, it can be treated and managed. With a proper diagnosis, the right treatment, and the best foods for diabetic dogs, they can still maintain a similar quality of life to non-diabetic dogs.

Top 5 Best Dog Foods for Diabetic Dogs

Best Overall
Ketona Chicken Recipe Dry Dog Food 4.2 Pounds - Low Carb, High Protein, Grain-Free Dog Food (4.2 lb)
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Nulo Adult Salmon Grain-Free Dry Food, 24 lb
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Nutrisca Chicken and Chick Pea Food for Pets, 28-Pound
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Acana Grain Free Dog Food, Red Meat, Ranch-Raised Beef, Yorkshire Pork, Grass-Fed Lamb, 25lb
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Most Popular
Orijen Dry Dog Food for All ages, Original, Grain Free, High Protein, Fresh & Raw Animal Ingredients, 25lb, Blue, 25 Pound (Pack of 1), 400 Ounce
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Best Foods For Diabetic Dogs

Best Foods For Diabetic Dogs


Editor Review 1

Are you looking for a product that provides your dogs with a complete and balanced meal for the nutrition they need and deserve? You may want to consider the Ketona Chicken Recipe Dry Food For Adult Dogs.

This dog food is manufactured in the USA and features 46% protein and less than 8% carbohydrates, and the most leading grain-free can’t boast of this.

It also comes fortified with other beneficial ingredients like oat hulls and flaxseed meals for healthy digestion. Plus added vitamins and minerals. With all these packed in this product, your dogs are definitely out for a happy and healthy treat.

One feature that makes this product stand out from the many commercial dog foods is that it has chicken as the primary ingredient. You can also be sure there’s no loading up on empty carbs such as wheat, corn, rice, potatoes that can negatively affect pal’s health.

This is a perfect choice for dog owners traveling or away and looking for a kibble to substitute for a raw diet. The result is nothing but a happier, healthier dog with less body fat and more energy.

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Editor Review 2

If you’re looking for high-quality dog food that will not only make your pal happier but extend their lifespan, one of such products is the Nulo Adult Grain Free Dog Food.

This gluten-free product features hypoallergenic protein from real meat sources such as lamb, chicken, salmon, turkey, or cod as its primary ingredients. And is therefore perfect for dogs with food allergies.

Without a doubt, I can recommend this food as one of the best diabetic dog food.

They are low-carb and contain only low-glycemic-index ingredients such as sweet potatoes, lentils, and chickpeas. The Nulo Adult Grain Free Dog Food is proudly manufactured in the USDA, FDA, and AAFCO approved facilities. And employs only the highest-quality domestic ingredients.

This is one food that is crafted to deliver premium nutrition for pets. Not only is it free of fillers, artificial preservatives, food dyes, and other additives found in other brands, it comes fortified with a lot of vitamins and minerals, such as essential fatty acids, zinc, iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, and folic acid.

These are essential ingredients for any dog’s optimum health and support a strong immune system, healthy joints, and healthy skin and coat.

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Editor Review 3

One dog food highly formulated with your dog’s nutritional needs and requirements in mind is the Nutrisca Chicken And Chick Pea Food For Pets.

It is made with real salmon and flavorsome chickpeas. And these are great sources of both proteins and amino acids. This recipe’s cornerstones are its low glycemic index formulation and the use of real chicken as a principal ingredient.

This is quite remarkable and makes the product a lot more palatable.

With the addition of premium fruits and veggies such as apricots, carrots, and cranberries, together with vitamins A and E, it positions its nutritional value on the next level. Additionally, as great sources of antioxidants, your dog’s immune system is maintained at all times.

The Nutrisca Chicken And Chick Pea Food For Pets is gluten-free and does not contain any added hormones, colors, or preservatives. And this makes it an ideal and quality diabetic dog food for all kinds of dogs, whether they are pregnant or lactating.

With its moderately low fat and moderately high protein content, it helps make better use of the stored glycogen in the dog’s body.

This also makes for the proper use and absorption of extra glucose by the cells. Its fiber is not so high but is enough to do the needful and keeping the blood sugar spikes at the barest minimum.

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Editor Review 4

One of the most impressive formulations of ingredients for dog health I have ever come across is the ACANA Heritage Dry Dog Food.

This option makes this list of the best food for diabetic dogs because of its high protein levels and minimal carbohydrates.

With protein making up an amazing 60% of the formula, and the rest from veggies, fruits, and botanicals, this product is undoubtedly perfect for your diabetic dog. That’s double the amount that standard dog foods have.

Its protein is sourced from a combination of Yorkshire pork, grass-fed lamb, and Angus beef. Making it suitable for dogs with poultry-based allergies or sensitivities. Contained also in these protein sources are essential nutrients for your dog’s nutrition and health.

As for the carbohydrates in the formula, they are sourced from peas and pinto beans. The ACANA Heritage, Dry Dog Food, features glucosamine for strengthening the bones of your dog where they have been possibly weighed down due to the impact of obesity.

It also contains fibrous veggies such as greens and kelp to help reduce or moderate glucose conversion.

One of the obvious positives of this grain-free, protein-packed food is that it doesn’t come with the common fillers or grains as contained in most products.

This is one recipe that mimics mother nature’s diet formulation with the intent of helping your pooch achieve and maintain optimum weight and health.

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Editor Review 5

One food you can trust is the ORIJEN Dry Dog Food when it comes down to quality and simplicity. The ORIJEN Dry Dog Food is undoubtedly a healthy choice for diabetic dogs with the nutrients contained therein.

Its primary ingredient is protein, making up 38% of the recipe formula, and is sourced from wholesome turkey, chicken, eggs, and fish. While the poultry supplies your pal with proteins, the fish offers valuable fatty acids together with extra proteins.

As expected of any premium dog food, the ORIJEN Dry Dog Food features carbohydrates with a low glycemic index. In fact, only 20% of the recipe formula is taken by carbohydrates.

It doesn’t contain any grains whatsoever. Additionally, this dog food contains a high amount of fiber sourced from spinach, whole pumpkin, kale, and much more. This helps in slowing down gastric emptying and moderates the release of glucose into the bloodstream.

Not to forget the presence of veggies to balance the recipe formula. As such, it has a wide range of veggies like peas and beans. One of its principles that sets it apart from other products is that its ingredients are fresh or raw, thereby providing the nutrients in a very nourishing form.

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Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Diabetic Dog Foods

One of the most important keys to keeping your diabetic dog healthy is to improve their diet. Upon discovering that your pooch is diabetic, scrutinizing and tweaking their diet ingredient list becomes more important than ever.

This way, you can ensure that your dog is not being fed something that can worsen its condition.

Here are some important considerations to take note of:

1. Glycemic Index

A food’s glycemic index is the measurement of the sugar content and how it impacts the dog’s blood sugar levels.

A healthy glycemic index is supposed to be on the low. This implies that it steadily and slowly releases glucose. The lower the glycemic index, the lower the sugar content, and the healthier it is for your dog.

Foods low on the glycemic index include fruits and veggies, peas and beans, and some whole grains. Foods with a high glycemic index include wheat products, bread, and white rice.

2. Fiber Content

One kind of diet that becomes more essential in diabetic food for dogs is fiber. There are many reasons for this. Apart from the fact that it is needed by any living organism for cleansing and supporting the digestive system, it also minimizes the release of glucose.

Thereby lessening the likelihood of diabetes.

More so, fiber foods take longer to digest and so easily and adequately fills your dogs. Thereby making them consume less food. All these are aimed at lessening the activity of glucose in your dog.

This is why most premium diabetic foods feature fiber-rich ingredients such as pumpkin and sweet potatoes and a wide array of nutritious veggies.

3. Carbohydrates (simple vs. complex)

Carbohydrates are of two kinds, simple and complex. Simple carbs are generally not healthy for diabetic dogs as they feature a high percentage of sugar. Once your dog finishes consuming meals with this kind of sugar, the body rapidly processes it. Sources include corn and soy.

On the other hand, complex carbs contain essential nutrients and vitamins, thereby making a necessary addition to your diabetic dog diet. This can be found in sweet potatoes, peas, fruits, and vegetables.

But, always ensure that they are added in small amounts to avoid blood sugar spikes.

4. Fat Content

No doubt, fat is an essential component of a balanced diet. They allow for absorbing vitamins such as Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids as contained in salmon and flaxseed by the body. This goes a long way to improving the shiny look and health of your dog’s coat.

But, the amount consumed should be moderated and balanced to avoid weight and complications down the line. While the body needs fat, it should be in balanced amounts to avoid being overweight or underweight.

As a rule of thumb, the amount of fat contained in any diet should be outnumbered by the amount of protein.


Other Ways for Managing Diabetes in Dogs

To tackle your dog’s diabetic state, there are other things you need to do to help the dog’s food work.

1. Consistent Exercise

This is another important component when it comes to managing diabetes. It goes a long way to help your pooch not just stay in shape but provide an outlet for his/her energy. But, ensure the exercise is not too strenuous so as not to hurt your diabetic dog.

Exercises prompt the body to increase its use of glucose and the result is a low blood sugar level.

2. Regular Monitoring

It is not enough to feed your pooch a balanced diet and check his/her glucose level regularly. This is an important part of the diabetes management equation and can be done at home or if the vet is not convenient.

All it takes is having a portable glucometer and blood test strips. You can regularly check urine against both glucose and ketones. Another alternative is running blood tests and prove more accurate compared to the urine test.

3. Weight Management

Maintaining an ideal weight will go a long way to keep the condition of your pooch stable with fewer blood glucose level fluctuations. This ideal weight will depend on your diabetic dog, his/her health condition, and age.

It is recommended that with the help of a competent vet, you come up with a comprehensive health plan for your pooch. As a rule of thumb, type 2 diabetic dogs who are obese should be fed 2/3 of their usual diet until they regain their normal state.


How To Know If Your Dog Has Diabetes

It is not as easy as it is with humans to know when or whether your dog has diabetes. The reason is obvious – unlike humans, dogs don’t speak.

So the only way out is by observing them like the way we do with our sickly little kids and look out for some signs and symptoms associated with having high blood sugar levels.

Here are some of them:

  • Frequent urination – they pee more often
  • Increased thirst – they get thirsty more often
  • Unusual fatigue – they usually get tired more often
  • Unstable appetite – they could eat more than their usual diet
  • Depression – they may feel depressed or down
  • Weight loss – they may have significant weight loss
  • Chronic skin or yeast infect – their skin may have yeast infections
  • Fruity breath scent – their breath may smell too sweet
  • Cataracts – they may develop cataracts in their eye(s)
  • Urination tract infection – they may have urinary tract infection


Final Words On Best Foods For Diabetic Dogs

Finding the best foods for diabetic dogs can sometimes be difficult and overwhelming. The above list is intended to help give you a headstart in making your choice.

All the products featured on the list are premium and high quality and go a long way not just to help your pooch recover from his/her diabetic condition but to keep them in good health afterward.

But, from the above list, my top-rated choice for diabetic dog food goes to Ketona Chicken Recipe Dry Food for Adult Dogs.

The reasons are obvious, I guess. First, it is packed with loads of nutrients and provides more quantities of protein and fat than the typical dog food. Ketona Chicken Recipe Dry Food for Adult Dogs is a dog food on a whole new level – a revolution in the pet food industry.

With this chicken recipe dry food for adult dogs, you can always be at rest knowing that despite the convenience (as with raw meat diet), the kibble quality is not compromised. Your pals deserve the best, and thanks to this Ketona product, they can now enjoy a highly nutritional balanced meal.

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