Top 12 Best Calming Dog Beds In 2021

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This is our review of the Best Calming Dog Beds.

Dogs can get anxious and stressed just like humans. At those moments of their lives, the trick to having them wind down is providing them a comfy and nice place.

This is where the best calming dog bed comes in.

This bed offers your pup the perfect space to sleep, rest, and feel cuddled. For older dogs, it goes a long way to soothe and provide relief from old age-related health issues such as neck pain, back pain, and the likes.

Over the years, I have had to try several calming dog beds from many sellers claiming that their dog beds work. I can tell you that not all calming beds are made equally, and as such, you need to make your choice with utmost care.

If you must know, my top pick of best calming dog bed goes to Best Friends by Sheri, the Original Calming Donut Cat, and Dog Bed.

However, I also understand the place of personal preference in most decision-making. This is why I further include reviews of other best options and guides on how to find them.

Our Best Calming Dog Beds

Best Friends by Sheri (Best Overall)
PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed (Best for Orthopedic)
Big Barker (Best for Seniors)
Friends Forever Donut Faux Fur Dog Beds (Best for Durable)
Precision Pet SnooZZy (Best for Stylish)
Donut Dog Bed (Best for Simple Design)
FuzzBall Fluffy Luxe Pet Bed (Best for Comfort)
Pet Craft Supply Soho Round Dog Bed (Best for Budget-friendly)
The Dog’s Bed Original (Best for Small Dogs)
Majestic Pet Poly-Cotton Bagel Dog Bed (Best for Large dogs) 
nononfish Puppy Bed (Best for Smart Design)
Amazon Basics Round Bolster Dog or Cat Bed (Best for Lightweight)


Best Calming Dog Beds Reviews

Best Calming Dog Beds


Are you looking for the best calming dog bed for your pup that loves to curl? One excellent option you want to consider is the Best Friends by Sheri, the Original Calming Donut Cat, and Dog Bed.

It comes in a comfortable and secure design. Its round design helps to create a cozy and protective atmosphere for your dogs to have a restful sleep.

It is made with durable and quality vegan nylon, which, together with a premium white super-soft poly filling to ease the muscles and joints of your dog perfectly.

This bed’s bottom is dirt and water-resistant, which helps prevent any form of mess on the floor.

It comes equipped with self-warming ultra-plush fur mimicking that of a mother’s coat. It offers additional orthopedic support, thanks to its bolstered sides. This is something I believe every dog owner will appreciate.

The Best Friends by Sheri, the Original Calming Donut Cat, and Dog Bed is perfect for dogs who love to curl up.

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A perfect way to give your pets the comfort they deserve is with the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed.

It comes in a durable and simple couch-like design. It is made with a combination of durable polyester and cotton material.

More than just being quality in water and tear-resistant, its surface goes gentle on your pup’s skin.

It features a quality memory foam base for superior comfort and overall improved health and a non-slip base, making it an excellent option for rooms with tile or hardwood flooring.

Also, you have the supportive bolsters packed with a recycled poly filling to give your pet a sense of safety and security and additional comfort/support.

The medium is perfect for dogs of around 50 pounds, and the large bed can handle dogs of up to 100 pounds. It is eco-friendly and can be easily washed in the machine.

The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed is perfect for medium and large dog breeds.

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Big Barker
5,267 Reviews

The Big Barker 7″ Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed may just be a great way to pamper your canine friend.

They are artfully designed with a three-layer blend of quality memory foam. This orthopedic bed provides unparalleled comfort for your dog, thanks to its ergonomic memory and cooling gel foam.

It features a fleece cover surrounding both layers of foam and is soft to cushion your pup’s joints.

This large dog bed is designed with the ability to maintain a cool temperature, thus preventing overheating.

It features a 100% waterproof liner under the dog bed cover to protect the foam dog mess such as drool, urine, soggy dogs, and so on.

It provides a generous enough space that can accommodate a very large dog breed; and heavy too.

The Big Barker 7″ Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed is perfect for older dogs or dogs suffering arthritis.

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Friends Forever Donut Dog Bed goes a long way to help calm down faster, sleep better and ease mild anxiety with dogs.

It is made with synthetic faux fur, mimics, and gives the exact feeling of a mother’s coat.

You also have the nylon non-skid base to prevent any mess, such as urine on the floor. Its synthetic plush fur feels soft and warm, partly responsible for its calming, anti-anxiety effect.

Its shape and structure aim to support your dog’s joints and provide the best possible comfort any dog can desire. Your furry friend surely needs some sense of relaxing security from time to time, and this is what its raised rim and bolstered sides are there for.

It is lightweight and, of course, portable; washing and keeping it clean is usually a breeze.

The Friends Forever Donut Dog Bed is perfect for dog owners looking for the ideal bed to allow their pets to curl up or sprawl.

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The Pet SnooZZy Mod Chic is one calming dog bed that provides maximum comfort for dogs and, at the same time, is fashionable to keep in-home or office.

This bed comes in an innovative design made with Luxurious Designer Fabrics to cater to aging pets’ relaxation needs.

It is designed to provide adequate cushioning for the joints of your canine buddy and allow them utmost comfort any time they choose to or want to relax.

The Pet SnooZZy Mod Chic features an overstuffed bolster and effectively provides additional support for your puppy’s back, head, and neck.

This, together with the high walls helps to provide a sense of safety and security to your furry friend during rest.

This bed is also made up of a non-skid bottom that is of super soft velour fabric and thus helps to keep the bed in place.

Like most best dog bed for anxiety, the Pet SnooZZy Mod Chic is easily machine washable.

The Pet SnooZZy Mod Chic is perfect for dog owners looking for the utmost comfort for their dogs.

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The Dog Bed Calming Ultra Soft Shag Faux Fur Dog Bed is one bed that helps to provide dogs with an environment of love and warmth that helps to soothe any form of anxiety.

This roundly designed calming bed is stuffed with premium and super soft, breathable PP cotton, which goes a long to allow for a restful sleep, which in turn makes for better health and improved behavior.

More than just a typical dog bed, it can also serve as a piece of nice pet furniture. It comes with raised edging, which doubtless makes for more safety and gives maximum support to the head, neck, and back of your lovely friends.

Equipped with deep crevices, the instinct of your furry friend to curl up and sprawl is satisfied. Its bottom is non-skid, which is a good thing, as it will help ensure the dog bed is always in place to avoid unwanted accidents and mess.

This bed is safe for both machine washing and hand washing.

The Dog Bed Calming Ultra Soft Shag Faux Fur Dog Bed is perfect for dog owners looking for a simple anti-anxiety bedding option for their pets.

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Ease your pet anxiety with the FuzzBall Fluffy Luxe Pet Bed.

This luxurious calming dog bed comes in a round donut shape that makes it a perfect bed for your furry friends that love to curl up but also helps to give them the feeling of royalty, thus providing a snoozing effect that allows them to relieve stress.

FuzzBall Fluffy Luxe Pet Bed features a high rim that helps to provide your furry friend with full head and neck support.

Its bottom is made of waterproof fabric with an anti-slip silicone grip. These attributes will help keep your floors always dry and clean and keep the bed stationary.

The FuzzBall Fluffy Luxe Pet Bed is perfect for dog owners with cuddler puppies.

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If you’re looking for a bedding option that offers your furry friends a comfortable place to rest, helping them to feel relaxed and safe while you work, the Pet Craft Supply Soho Round Dog Bed is for you.

This calming dog bed is made with memory foam ‘chips,’ which, unlike the usual memory foam, allows for improved conformity to your puppy’s body by providing more air between the cells.

It features an ultra-plush surface that goes a long way to support your pet’s head and neck.

It is temperature-sensitive and fully padded to help alleviate joints and pressure points, making it an excellent option for pets with arthritis or related ailments.

More than just the structural support this bed provides, your canine buddies get to relax in comfort and style. It is machine washable and generally easy to maintain – you can both air-dry or use a dryer.

Pet Craft Supply Soho Round Dog Bed is perfect for dog owners with senior dogs who may have bone or muscle health issues.

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One dog calming bed that has been designed with your pet’s comfort in mind is the Dog’s Bed Original Sound Sleep Donut Dog Bed.

It comes in a unique dual-layer base mattress cushion design aimed at providing unsurpassed comfort.

It features generously filled bolsters all around the bed, giving your dog an assured feeling of security while offering a great headrest.

It also features stylish and removable covers that work well as a room accessory to inject style into any interior.

It is also equipped with luxurious vegan fur that hugs your furry friend, thereby reducing feelings of anxiety and vulnerability by inducing a sense of serenity.

The price tag for this product is somewhat on the high side, but if you’re willing to sink in a bit more money than usual to get more value, this is that option for you. They are machine washable and easy to dry too.

The Dog’s Bed Original Sound Sleep Donut Dog Bed is ideal for dog owners with small dogs.

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One perfect product to spoil your pets is the Majestic Pet Poly-Cotton Bagel Dog Bed.

The cushion and bolster of this dog bed are made of a premium loft polyester fiberfill and durable poly-cotton twill. While the bolster that acts as a good pillow helps provide your dog with maximum comfort, the cushion keeps grime and dust on reduced levels.

The Majestic Pet Poly-Cotton Bagel Dog Bed is ideal for dogs that love to curl up as a round-shaped pet bed. This design provides a layout that is nice and cozy.

The bed’s base is made of heavy-duty, waterproof Denier to provide the required protection from accidents such as spills and sliding.

It is easy to clean; all you need to do is place it wholly in the washer, gentle cycle and tumble dry in the end. This is one of the best calming dog beds you will find in the market but comes at a higher investment cost.

The Majestic Pet Poly-Cotton Bagel Dog Bed is perfect for dog owners who are more concerned about value than cost when it comes to their furry friends.

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If your dog deserves the best, the nononfish Puppy Bed for Small Medium Dog Soothing Dog Bed is a great bedding option you want to consider.

This anti-anxiety bed comes in a donut shape design to satisfy the nesting instinct associated with most dogs – curling up and burrowing.

It features a raised rim that serves as a pillow, creating a sense of safety and security. It also features a super-soft filling that effectively relieves joint and muscle pain related to senior dogs.

It is very portable and gives your pets a chance at having a restful sleep even during traveling, camping, or moving to a new home.

Its bottom is designed with high-density waterproof and dirt-resistant fabric and sticky beads with anti-skid features to protect from spilling and sliding accidents.

It is easy to maintain, and it’s friendly with washing machines and dryers.

The nononfish Puppy Bed for Small Medium Dog Soothing Dog Bed is ideal for any dog owner looking for a soft, warm blanket for their puppies.

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Every pet needs a sublime sleeping space to call their own, especially when their owner is not around them.

For dogs, one product that will do well enough is the Amazon Basics Round Bolster Dog or Cat Bed. It provides cozy softness, thanks to the combination of flannel with ample fill.

The bed is lightweight and will work well in interiors like the living room, bedroom, or even your office.

These round pet bed edges are designed to improve comfort and all-around support for your pet and give them a sense of safety.

The front edge is slightly low, so your dog can easily access the bed in and out. The pillow-like raised polyester canvas sides provide maximum comfort and support for your dog’s neck and head.

The Amazon Basics Round Bolster Dog or Cat Bed is perfect for dog owners with extra-small and toy breeds.

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Shopping For Best Calming Bed For Dogs: Buyer’s Guide

best dog bed for anxiety

Warranty and Customer Service

A warranty is generally a guarantee a manufacturer provides to consumers.

It is recommended to look at this guarantee as it assures you the calming beds you are buying are of good quality, void of manufacturing defects.

You may also want to consider a product whose manufacturers are easy to reach by phone or email and have reliable customer service.

In a case where beds come with defects, you have the right to ask for a replacement.

Warming and Cooling Base Beds

The essence of a calming bed is to provide the utmost comfort for your dogs, and as a result, most of these beds come with a warming or cooling base.

This can be very smoothening for dogs. Some are removable, while others are not. This base must be made up of quality materials; they are sturdy, waterproof, dirt-resistant, and slip-resistant.

Cleaning of Bed

Cleaning can sometimes be a chore. Therefore you want to determine whether you are comfortable washing the beds entirely or removable covers.

Even though this is a matter of personal preference, my subjective opinion will be to go for the removable option. This way, you can more effectively and quickly get rid of dirt from your puppy’s bed.

Type of Filling

One of the features that give a calming dog bed its characteristic attribute of comfort is the filling.

Different types of these beds come with various fillings, otherwise known as fibers inside them.

Types of filling range from airloft fibers, to vegan fur, nylon faux fur, and PP cotton. This will go a long way to affect the quality of anxiety relief your dog receives from the bed.

Shape of Bed

Again, the goal of having a calming dog bed is to provide comfort to your dog. To achieve this, it is essential to make sure that the shape of the bed suits or fits your dog’s size.

The shape should be able to provide the perfect nesting spot that provides not only support for their bodies but also a cozy feeling.

Size of Bed

Calming dog beds come in a variety of sizes.

It is only natural that the bigger the size of your dog, the bigger their bed should be. You want them to have adequate space to toss and turn, and of course, thicker beds to support their weight.

On the other hand, smaller dogs would require small-sized beds to be comfy.

Anxiety-reducing features

Knowing that anxiety is a feeling of uneasiness often accompanied by restlessness, muscular tension, fatigue, and so on, your choice of the bed must be equipped with features targeted at these issues.

The best calming dog bed should reassure your dogs of their safety, security, and health. It would be best if you looked out for features like raised rim, fluffy faux, orthopedic padding, and so on.

Orthopedic features

If you own a senior, aged dog or a dog suffering from muscle, bone, and joint issues, you want to consider Orthopedic Memory Foam beds.

This type of bed is mainly designed to soften when it comes into contact with the heat of your canine’s body.

They also provide extra cushioning and thickness to accommodate more prominent bone structures, such as thinner dogs.

Durability and quality

It is worth noting here that dogs like to chew anything and everything their teeth can sink in. You can expect that they would no doubt do the same with their beds.

For this reason, you want to go for beds labeled chew-proof, without fill inside or durable materials.


Similar to any product, different brands and types come with different price tags.

It is doubtless that the option you end up with will depend on the budget at your disposal at the end of the day.

However, it is essential to note that a high-priced bed does not necessarily translate to quality.

Pay attention to the features and value it will offer your dog at the end of the day.


What Are Calming Dog Beds? How Do They Work?

Calming dog beds are specially designed for the relief of stress in dogs. This is applicable for dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes.

They come equipped with unique features such as raised edges and memory foam to provide dogs with a sense of security and safety.

Dogs experience anxiety differently, and as such, this product comes in different types, all aimed at helping them fall asleep and calm down faster.

Some types of this bed include raised rims to provide head and neck support, thus activating the nervous system to improve relaxation and sleep.

There are other calming beds equipped with orthopedic memory foam to help relieve arthritic joint pain. Other types of beds provide a self-heating/warming mechanism to help soothe dogs with cold-related stress.

This implies that your choice of bed party depends on the particular cause of your dog’s anxiety.


Can A Bed Really Reduce My Dog’s Anxiety?

The answer to this question is likely a yes.

However, there is more to reducing a dog’s anxiety than just providing an anti-anxiety and calming bed. How effective this product is will depend on what triggers your dog’s anxiety in the first place.

Triggers such as loud or sudden noise may take more than just a calming bed. (4)

What Are Common Signs Of Anxiety In Dogs?

Dogs experience anxiety, just like humans do. It is a normal emotion, even though it can be unpleasant.

Pet owners understand that their dogs are likely to be disruptive or destructive, which is usually a result of being afraid or left alone. (5)

Fear-based anxiety in dogs

Anxiety in dogs due to fear is normal, as they are naturally known to look out for potential threats. It only becomes a problem when the nervous reaction is abnormal or severe.

Separation anxiety in dogs

Separation anxiety, just like fear-induced, is normal. Often, when they are separated from their usual company or left alone, they tend to be anxious.

There are several signs to look out for, which include:

  • Panting
  • Aggression
  • Drooling
  • Pacing
  • Spontaneous Urination
  • Spontaneous Defecation
  • Destructive behavior
  • Barking excessively
  • Restlessness
  • Whimpering and whining
  • Depression
  • Compulsive behaviors


Aging Dogs And Anxiety

As dog’s age, there is a tendency that their experiences and decline in functioning will lead to them developing anxiety.

For instance, aging dogs are associated with joint and muscle pains, and this causes them to develop anxiety. They are likely to develop anxiety when conditions such as dementia set in.


How Do You Calm An Anxious Dog At Night?

best anti anxiety dog bed

It is not uncommon for dogs to experience anxiety at night. Some dogs could feel it when the light sets off. It could also be due to a medical or psychological condition, a change of home, unused energy, etc.

It can be frustrating having to deal with this restlessness. Here are a few tips you can apply to handle such a situation when it comes. (2) (3)

    • Exercise more often with your dog
    • Make use of approved calming aids
    • Consider giving them a treat during bedtime
    • Ensure that their bed is as secure and comfy as possible
  • Introduce his favorite toys
  • Develop a routine and stick to it
  • Lighten up his sleeping spot a bit


Benefits Of Calming Dog Beds

  1. They help in alleviating anxiety and mild stress
  2. They help in making your pup feel at ease in your absence
  3. They help your dog to rest more comfortably and better handle stress
  4. They help to better support your dog’s head, to avoid undue stress on their neck and related joints
  5. They help your dog get more restful sleep
  6. They help your dog to fall asleep more quickly
  7. Calming bed with self-heating properties help your dogs stay warm


Types of Calming Dog Beds Vs. Your Dog’s Personality/Sleeping Style

Different factors can trigger anxiety in dogs, just like humans. So it is only natural that we also have different types of calming beds.

Self-warming Dog Bed

Some forms of anxiety have been discovered to be triggered by the weather. Some dogs love a warm environment, while others like it somewhat cooler.

This kind of calming bed is designed with self-warming properties to keep dogs warm regardless of whether the weather is cold.

Orthopedic dog beds

Some dogs, especially at old age, are prone to undue pressure on their joints. This can also apply to thinner dogs since their bones can be more prominent.

This can be painful, and in turn, cause some anxiety in them. Memory foams go a long way to relieve pressure on these joints and provide extra cushioning for improved comfort.

Cave-style Dog Beds

Cave-style dog beds are for dogs what blanket forts are for humans – for comfort.

They are designed as sleeping bags or pop-up tents, allowing your dogs to wiggle into a little safe hollow easily. This is an excellent way for your dog to find solace in a situation of stress.

Bolster Dog Beds

A bolster dog bed is a calming dog bed specially designed to allow your dogs to curl up against something and rest their head and neck while relaxing.

This feeling is somewhat similar to laying them on your lap and a great alternative in your absence. With the raised edges on the sides, your dogs can feel protected and safe.

Donut Dog Beds

This is a very common type of dog calming bed. They are designed to envelop your furry friends and provide an effective anti-anxiety environment.

Like the bolster beds, they also feature raised circular edges to provide headrest support for your dogs. They are great for keeping multiple dogs.


Introducing Your Dog To A New Calming Dog Bed

Sometimes, it is not that straightforward to introduce your dog to a new bed. It is not as simple as plunking down the old bed and making them immediately curl up on the new bed.

Below are tips to help introduce your dog to a new calming dog bed.

Make The New Bed Smell Like Home

Dogs are primarily olfactory, meaning they relate with the world mainly through their sense of smell.

Ensure the new bed features a scent that they are used to. You can achieve this by making use of their old blanket. That way, they get to accept that the bed is theirs.

Make The New Bed A Happy Place

Tats can go a long way to help your dogs get used to a new bed. It would help if you also introduced toys and praise.

When you find them on their new bed, try praising them and possibly give them a treat.

Move The Bed To A Familiar Location

It doesn’t matter if you intend to change the location of the new bed. It would help if you acclimated to the spot of their old bed where they are used to napping. You can eventually change location in the end.


How To Make A Calming Dog Bed

Is your dog bed looking lumpy and old, and do you want a change?

The common option here is to buy a new dog bed; however, why not try making your own?

The thing about making your dog bed is that you get to customize it to match your taste and your dog’s.

It may require a bit of effort, but you could be amazed at what you can accomplish at this task with a few tips and instructions. (1) 

Materials and Tools

  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Pins
  • Hand Sewing Needle
  • Clear Tape
  • Memory foam filling


  1. Get a template or diagram of your desired calming dog bed
  2. Using your tape, measure your dog’s old bed dimensions if possible
  3. With the help of your scissors, cut out fabric into desired shape and size befitting
  4. Assemble and stitch the fabric following your chosen template or diagram
  5. Before stitching up all sides, stuff
  6. Stuff your sewn fabric with memory foam to desired thickness
  7. Stitch the remaining sides, measure your dog’s old bed dimensions if possible
  8. With the help of your scissors, cut out fabric into desired shape and size befitting your dog’s
  9. Assemble and stitch the fabric following your chosen template or diagram
  10. Before stitching up all sides, stuff
  11. Stuff your sewn fabric with memory foam to desired thickness
  12. Stitch the remaining sides according to your template or diagram


Final Words On Best Calming Bed For Dogs

This brings us to the end of this buying guide and reviews of the best calming dog bed.

If you diligently read through the above information, I can assure you that you are one step closer to choosing the best product for your dog’s needs.

The products outlined above are some of the best options available in the market. I would gladly recommend them any and every time I have the opportunity to.

However, my overall winner will go to the Best Friends by Sheri.

This calming dog bed comes in a design that helps to create the necessary environment for your dogs to de-stress, relax and have a restful sleep.

It is made with durable and quality material, so they last for a long time. It is designed with the comfort and safety of your dogs in mind – from the round shape to vegan faux shag fur, raised rim, and super soft filling.

This is no doubt one calming dog bed that will provide your dog with deserved comfort.

I hope that this guide goes a long way to help you get started on finding the best calming dog bed.

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